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Hi friends. My Blog has moved to http://www.howellami.com

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12/04/14 - Hi Beautiful People! My latest blog is the first in a series of spotlights on the many fabulous venues I have performed in. I am enjoying the Blogspot platform at the moment so Check it out!

5/18/14 - Hello Blogisphere. I just erased several posts from wordpress. I had enough of the spam from there. It was ugly. Anyway, I will try to keep up here and on Sharpo.com/Blog.html as often as I can.

So I watched a low budget science fiction indie on Netflix the other night. "Lunopolis". Production values? None. Sound and image issues galore - but - the movie was great! I think the storytelling was superb. A-List Hollywood has all the bells and whistles and perfect production. Great cameras, lenses, lighting, cinematographers, editors, CGI guys, actors, you name it they got it. Hollywood has gazillions of dollars. So why do studio movies bore me these days while low budget and zero budget movies thrill me? Is it because they don’t have to answer to the money they can just tell their stories? Is it because they have to gun and run to get a shot and so that shot has amazing vibrancy and electricity? Is it because they have to be inventive and use ideas instead of money when moving their stories forward? Seems like that is the key. Necessity is the mother of invention. Where is the art without the struggle? Where is the gold without the sweat equity? Big Hollywood has it too easy. Too cushy. They are way out of touch. That is why every police procedural on network seems like the same show. That is why there is only one Breaking Bad out of hundreds of new shows.

On the other hand, there seems to be a million Breaking Bad wannabe type web series out there all emulating the great Walter White with shocking gun violence and lots of blood splattering. Problem is, everything seems to be a rehashing of what has come before. This isn’t a case of "Everything old is new again." This is a case of "Everything new is old already."

As writer/producer I see the need for good storytelling. I think that the movie going public - really the whole entertainment consuming public - is as bored as I am with regurgitated crap. As an actor I can find the joy in creating life moments and I love finding those moments in whatever material I get to play.

So ultimately, I think the indies are more exciting and unless the end of net neutrality kills the web as we know it, the paradigm shift will continue and the best, most watchable, most dynamic stuff will be made by the multitudes. Now check out some great indie on Sharpo!®

4/30/14 - I am moving my blog back to this page. Straight html from my mind to yours. Wordpress equaled spam to the zillionth degree. I was so disgusted with it I didn't blog for what - a year? So...briefly, here's what is happening. We are living in the fast lane! "Canvas the Night" is in consideration for The Indie Fest, 2014 and several other film festivals. It will be available on demand as early as December. Right now Team Sharpo (Andrew, Nora and me) are gearing up for our fun horror movie, Ghostpepper! and developing several other properties simultaneously. Busy!

I am very excited that I was cast as sleasy lawyer, "Ross Reed" in the web series, "ONE TEN" which will be up soon. This year I also did a non-Sharpo play! Can you believe it? I played the father of the groom, Artie Fischel, in My Big Fat Jewish Wedding. Also keep an eye out for me in the new Harrah's Rincon commercial where I play a magician. So...pretty fun year so far. I have been studying too, at Act Club, LA which is taught by the superb master, Ryan R Williams.

So what about Sharpo Dinner Theater? Of course we are rolling along with gusto! We have played so many exciting venues all over Calfornia this year already and are still doing our regular show at the 94th Aero Squadron in Lake Balboa. Visit Sharpo.com and click around. for more.

And of course if you want to follow my adventures as father, husband, brother - hit me up on my personal pages @erichowellsharp. Loving my journey. Best to all.



Earlier Blogs Here and Archived:

March 2nd, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nora and Happy Anniversary too!

"The watched pot never boils and the fridge does materialize what you want to eat when you open the door and stare endlessly at the shelves and staring at the website stats does not make them suddenly jump." Not exactly fortune cookie material but useful. "The watched pot..." I remind myself and then I can walk away, knowing that what I started brewing will eventually come to a boil - but only after I look away and focus my attention on the other tasks at hand. I also think it would be a great name for a soap opera, "The Watched Pot".

In the past I might think that the name was so darn brilliant I would rush to register the domain. (It's taken by the way, by someone in Texas, who is the source for all your culinary needs. Today, I don't rush to register... because ICANN, the Intenet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is changing the game this year. Suddenly there will be dot everything. Thousands of tlds or top level domains. .COM is a tld. .NET too. The flood of new domains will be a huge benefit for big business to further tattoo their brands into our heads. I am not so sure it will be good for small business who want to protect their brands. Time will tell, I guess. I wonder how, in the confusion, consumers will be sure they are dealing with the actual company they think they are doing business with? Thanks to Google Hangouts, you can verify that you are dealing with Sharpo!® and Sharpo.com® because our business is so small that you will be dealing directly with me! Of course, the desire to bigger my company as the Onceler did, is ever present - I must look away from the watched pot.

I have been very engaged with the creation of our independent feature film, Canvas the Night. Andrew finished the screenplay and the draft is in the hands of a total of 9 people in our circle of trust. The feedback so far is incredibly good. The script is a winner! I am so excited about the project. I am impatiently watching the pot but that won't get the movie made. Instead I must get to the business of breaking down the script and looking at budget. Got to budge the budget! Have to juggle the schedule. Have to keep the plates in the air. Special thank you to Stephen Beal, Kaycie Friedman, Daniel Schwartz and Amie-Jo Denzio for your help in getting the campaign launched!



Thanks so much for being part of our adventure. We look forward to seeing you onstage, on screen and here online at Sharpo.com.

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