Dinner Theater, LA , An Interactive Courtroom Comedy Dinner Show!

Trial by Jury Comedy Dinner Theater! Dinner Court SHARPO'S TRIAL BY JURY COMEDY DINNER THEATER


This is a truly unique interactive, theatrical experience!

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"I just left the Dinner Court show no less than 15 minutes ago and must say that, that was the BEST live show I've ever witnessed! Overall a top notch performance. I recommend this show to both young and old adults alike."- PSSA Ophelien, Kerry, UNITED STATES NAVY

Sharpo is famous for private party and event entertainment. We bring the fun to wherever you are celebrating! "Dinner Court" is available for production. Call Us To Plan Your Event!


Audience participation is encouraged and may be ordered by the Judge!

The Prosecutor is running for District Attorney's Office. The Defendants are represented by a "Public" Defender. The stakes couldn't be higher! Due to the city's overwhelming case load, and in the interest of a speedy trial, parties have agreed to have their cases heard in Sharpo's Dinner Court!

Here ye, here ye. Welcome to DINNER COURT Dinner Theater, Los Angeles. We treat our jury right! Fine gourmet cuisine and a challenging case to deliberate. Why not enjoy your civic duty?

This brand new show is brought to you by the same team who brought you the highly acclaimed interactive sensation, Sharpo Murder Mystery Evening, also based in LA.

Dinner Court starts as soon as you enter the dinner theater where you get to know the prosecutor, the defendants, and some material witnesses that will help justice be served...with dessert. BEWARE - if you mix and mingle, you may be called as a character witness! If your number is called for jury duty you will directly decide the defendants' fate. If your number isn't called, you can still weigh in and maybe even win a prize!

After a delicious Gourmet Dinner, the judge arrives and court is in session!

This show is interactive, immersion theater at its best with scripted material blended with masterful improvisation by a top notch cast of Sharpo.com players, direct from Hollywood.

Our Courtroom Comedy entertains you while you enjoy your dinner. American Justice has never been so much fun.
LA's hysterical new Courtroom Comedy Dinner Theater! Available For Private Parties & Corporate Events!

Interactive Theater Troupe, Los Angeles

All public dinner shows are contingent upon reaching advance reservation requirements. Public Dinner Shows that do not meet minimum sales are subject to cancellation.

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