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Who is Ernie Goodenough?

AKA Ernie Godunov, AKA Ernie GoodEnuff,

Ernie Goodenough is Eric Sharp

Many Comics practice their craft in comedy clubs. Hollywood Character Actor and Comic, Eric Sharp, has taken a different approach. He is a live wire and professional party starter at elite Hollywood Parties, Cocktail Hour Receptions, Country Club Minglers, Corporate Functions and Meetings, etc.

Using the comic moniker Ernie Goodenough, Eric works the room starting conversations with everyone. Audiences agree that Ernie is extremely well read on almost every subject and he slips his perfectly polished material and routines into what seems to be spontaneous conversation. His memory for names is now legendary and by the end of a mingling hour it seems like he knows everyone's name and everyone knows Ernie!

If the mood strikes or the timing is right, Ernie will work into the routine some Three Card Monte and other fun card routines. The usual mingling reception is about an hour and Ernie's energy is boundless! Mr. Social Butterfly, Ernie, unabashedly glad-hands everyone he meets and seems to have an unlimited well of comedy material. The secret is that he gets people talking about themselves and then seizes opportunities for funny bits. Most events need an icebreaker and Ernie Goodenough is the perfect greeter - He gets your party started. Many times the cocktail hour is just the beginning as Ernie emcee's the whole evening's activities.

Eric Sharp has performed his interactive live comedy countless times.

This is top drawer entertainment - a truly unique comedy experience. Do something different for your party!

Call Sharpo!® at (818)909-9605 and get your party started.