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Sharpo!® presents World Class Event Entertainment. Our productions are perfect for Awards Banquets, Conventions, Corporate Events & Meetings, Crisis Management Exercises, Fundraisers, New Product Launches, Staff Appreciation and Rewards, Team Building, and Trade Shows.

We also entertain for Private Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation Ceremonies, Retirement Parties and every Special Occasion. We specialize in producing Unique and exciting experiences for our clients.

Here are some great party and event entertainment ideas:

After Dinner Speakers: A truly gifted speaker can enrich, enlighten and entertain your attendees, leaving them motivated and excited.

Comedians: Just need some good clean laughs? We got it. Our comedy is clean and funny! We have a great time without crossing the line.

Comedy For Cocktail Parties: Who is Ernie Goodenough? A Comedy Conversationalist who meets and greets everyone in your cocktail party. He gets your guests talking about themselves and slips his routines into the conversation!

Comedy Meeting Investigation: Wake up and shake up the group with a Comedy Meeting Investigation! Imagine that during a long serious meeting the door bursts open and Detective Sharp is on the scene, suddenly arresting one of the brass - Investigating and Interrogating the audience and working the crowd through improv and comedy.

Comedy Tour Guides:This is a great and novel idea. If you are taking your group on a tour, retreat, or little adventure, we entertain while showing you the sites. We carefully research your destination and your group to ensure an experience that is fun and memorable.

Company Talent Shows: Let's face it, "American Idol", 'America's Got Talent", "So You Think You Can Dance" all add up to one thing: People want to play as much as watch. Our company talent shows are hosted by top professionals, including emcee and judge panel. We make for an hilarious evening that bonds your attendees for a truly unforgettable experience!

Deejays: Great Deejays don't just have the tunes and playlist you want. They are real party starters and livewires that keep your party jumping.

Emcees: The Master of Ceremonies must be the host with the most and the guy with the ten mile smile without overshadowing the itinerary for the evening. Trust us to emcee your event, keep the spotlight on you and make you shine!

Game Shows: Audience participation is the name of the game! Our all original game show for parties is called "HeartBeaters". This exciting fast paced event spoofs TV game shows using audience members as contestants.

Improv Troupes: Always new and different, our team leads improvisation games with the audience and create outrageously funny improv theater - on the spot - based on suggestions from the crowd.

Kids Parties We love to have fun and see the wonder and joy in a child's eye when we entertain at kids' parties. These events keep us young too!

Magic Shows Everyone needs some magic in their lives. We truly believe this is a magical world. Great magic opens the mind to infinite possibilities! Sharpo is a member of the Society of American Magicians. We specialize in close up, strolling magic as well as exciting parlor routines.

Murder Trial By Jury Show!:There is no other show like it in LA! Welcome to Sharpo's Dinner Court! Our interactive courtroom circus takes place over dinner and is open to the public or private for your event. Audience serves as Jurors, Bailiff, character witnesses and ultimately decides the defendant's fate.

Sharpo! Murder Mystery Yes, this is our most asked for entertainment event! Detective Sharp is often called California's Number One Murder Mystery Detective! Read Our Reviews! We have so much content about Sharpo Murder Mystery Events. Just follow the link for all the info you need. The Sharpo Mystery Movie

Office Crashers: Liven up your work day and that of your staff. Secretly, introduce a professional comedy entertainer as a "new hire" or temp and just watch the contagious laughter take hold.

Party Crashers/Party Starters: This is the same concept as our Office Crashers, only we send the ringers into your party. They pose as weird neighbors, drunk bartenders, or just silly party guests. Since the routines start out somewhat normal and escalate, it takes a little while to dawn on your guests that they are part of a practical joke! Lots and lots of fun for parties.

Roasts - We get as much info from you as we can on the guest of honor and other party attendees and then we custom create a personalized comedy roast that skewers and honors your VIPS. Our Comic Roast is led by a strong lead comic and also allows you and others to take the stage and deliver the goodies!

Seances: This is an evening of paranormal activity, blended with comedy. Our psychic leads the seance in an effort to contact departed friends and family members. This is kind of spooky but great fun for Halloween!

Sketch Comedy: Unlike Improv comedy that flies without a net or a script. Our sketch comedy shows are written in advance of performance and customized for your event. This is great for company meetings, new product launches, or to demonstrate an important policy or concept.

Tarot Readers: This is a great idea when you want more atmosphere entertainment and less Stage Craft. Our tarot reader dresses the part and can be stationed at a table for guests to come get a reading. Some of the insights are quite astounding and guests come away feeling they have had a glimpse of their fortune and what the future holds.

Tribute Shows: The opposite of the roast. We write material that honors the the VIP and use professional entertainers to perform. The material is funny and often quite touching. This is a great way to say thank you to someone who has made a big impact on their community.

Remember, we are happy to discuss your event with you and start from scratch to create the perfect evening. Sharpo stands for "Simply Have A Really Perfect Occasion!"