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Do you own or manage a Restaurant, Hotel, Country Club, Chartered Cruise Ship, or Private Train?

Are you looking for new exciting ways to entertain your patrons at your venue and keep them coming back again and again?

Sharpo!® Mystery, Comedy, and Magic interactive events might just be a perfect fit for your venue!

Whether you are looking for a nightly, weekly, monthly or quarterly entertainment, Sharpo!® has the solution to make evenings or weekends at your place completely unforgettable.

Our productions are critically acclaimed, interactive fun utilizing the best party talent available to ensure repeated success.

Do you need a draw to fill your private banquet room? Mystery Dinner Theater is more popular than ever. Entire sections of most book stores are devoted to mysteries. Sharpo!® Mysteries are famous for providing satisfying mystery thrillers that are also hilariously funny.

Our DINNER COURT trial by jury interactive play marks a new trend in interactive theater. It combines the mingling elements of mystery dinner shows with a more structured traditional dinner theater experience. This show is a hit on our private party circuit and Sharpo!® created this new dinner theater program specifically for people who love mystery dinners and are ready for something new.

Perhaps you want a varied calendar with a night of Mystery, followed by a night of Trial by Jury Dinner Theater, a night of dazzling Magic - strolling and parlor - and a night of Sketch and Improv Comedy, or Headlining comedians.

If you are interested in co-producing interactive events with Sharpo at your venue, please message us here:

Or Call (818)909-9605!

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