What is a Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

A Sharpo!® Mystery is an interactive theatrical event. It is part show and part game. Attendees participate as  sleuths and suspects as they interact in  a world of intrigue, mystery and suspense.  Sharpo!® has perfected the art of working the crowd - seamlessly weaving together exposition and improv.  Blending comedy and drama, moving the diabolical plot forward while keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.

What happens at a Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

Sharpo!® Murder Mysteries usually begin with a cocktail party or mingling reception. It is during this time that the murder mystery theme, back story and exposition occurs. Our dynamic host works the crowd, getting the party started and warming up the audience for the excitement to follow.  After mingling, the mystery takes place over two 30 minute acts with intermission for food and beverage service and a shorter 3rd act (15 minutes) when the crime is solved and prizes awarded.

Winners solve the crime and determine: Who did it? How? (Opportunity and Method) Why did they do it? (Motive)

The goal is to put you and your guests at the center of the action and make you the focus of the investigation. Everyone attending plays themselves. Guests usually do not take on a separate character. You are being you - in very unusual circumstances. Imagine you are suddenly embroiled in a such an investigation! What is your alibi? How can you solve the crime and clear your name?

Why host a Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

It's Fun, Challenging, Exciting, Memorable and clean entertainment that is suitable for all audiences. Armed with a devilishly clever script, a unique, edgy comedy shtick, and the impeccable timing that comes from two decades of performing countless performances, Sharpo!® keeps the crowd in stitches and on the edge of their seats. The action-packed mystery  moves along at a fast, furious pace. Suspense builds as our detective interrogates the guests.  His masterful manipulations often result in spontaneous, hysterical and contagious laughter!

Why should I choose Sharpo!® for my Mystery Evening?

CSI means Call Sharpo In. Bring Magic and Mystery to your event! Producer, Eric Howell  Sharp is Master of Mystery and Magic, having performed and produced live interactive events since 1989.  Eric is a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood .  Eric's co-starring appearances on primetime network television shows include "Broad City", "Star Trek Voyager", "Wings" and more. Eric had a recurring role as "Benny" on UPN's "In The House" with LL Cool J Eric made a cameo as "Sharpo" in the blockbuster film, "Liar Liar."

Where is the best place to host a Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

Sharpo!® can bring this highly acclaimed mystery party to any a private dining area/banquet room, or on a cruise, train, or even in your own home. A central area is needed where all the guests can congregate.

How long does a Sharpo!® Mystery Party last?

A Sharpo!® Mystery Dinner/Luncheon Event usually lasts 2 to 3 hours from the start/mingling reception to curtain call and prize ceremony. If you have other business to attend to, such as a speech or awards to give out, the show can be broken down into smaller segments . In those cases the show can last 4 or more hours.

What are some Sharpo!® Mystery party themes?

Most themes are contemporary, meaning the story takes place here and now. Guests play themselves. Events are personalized as much as possible around the attendees. Mysteries can also be adapted around your party themes: Roaring Twenties Mysteries, 1940s Hollywood Noir Mysteries, 1950s Sock Hops, 1970's Disco...whatever you can imagine, your event can be customized and personalized!

What does "interactive" mean?

Attendees are the central focus of the event. Everyone attending is a suspect and can be interrogated by the detective. More outgoing guests can be included in reenactments of crimes, be rounded up for a police line up, be asked to read or describe clues to the rest of the audience, etc. Guests who prefer not to be that involved can simply sit back and enjoy the show. All attendees have the opportunity to write out a solution for a chance to win a grand prize!

What prizes can I win at a Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

Many winners have taken home the coveted Sharpo!® Hammer Of Justice Award that recognizes and rewards the guest who contributes the best solution to the crime!  We also give trophies for best audience performances.

Should I tell my guests that they are coming to a mystery evening or should I surprise them?

Tell them! Sharpo's Mystery party is a critically-acclaimed, interactive hit show. Get them excited about your party!

Can a guest be one of the main suspects or the mastermind?

Yes, if you want to! Let us know in advance and we will write some parts specifically for you.

How does a Sharpo!® Mystery work as a team builder?

Teams work together, racing against time, to solve the crime, using collective insight from their group, deductive reasoning, problem solving techniques, etc. Sharpo!® Mysteries also bond your group through laughter. This fun, exciting, shared experience creates camaraderie and unity that lasts. Remember, the company that plays together stays together.

How should we decorate for our Sharpo!® Mystery Party?

It is suggested that you create a fine dining atmosphere, but keep the lights up. The whole room is the stage and everyone needs to see each other react. Try setting the mood with black table linens and red napkins. Please keep your table centerpieces short, so that everyone can see each other. Tip: Keep the tables close together, but with some room for the detective and other actors to walk between them. Please have a front and center area for the evidence table and for the detective to stage some action.

Do you have a mystery show without murder?

Yes! This we can! We can offer a challenging fun mystery surrounding a grand theft! Party guests race against time to follow the clues, solve the crime and win!